New Blog to Feature Available Baskets

12" Egg Basket w/Cane Twill Work

Good Morning- This blog is not to replace the blog- Heritage Basket Studio & Chair Caning, it is to complement and go with the original blog,

Many customers and reader alike have asked that I have a page devoted to pictures, descriptions and prices of baskets that are available or that can be special ordered. The way that WordPress blogs are set up it makes it difficult to have a running page (catalog) of works available or for special order. It is much easier to make a separate blog and link the two blogs together for this purpose. So in the coming months I will try to work on this.

Since it is a blog, there will be no e-commerce on the blog, the baskets if you wish to order, you will need to contact me directly for payment options and shipping information.

The best payment method will be by US Postal Money Order or check. However all of this will be worked out through the winter.

Also many customers have asked about my hand made cards, as of now I am not certain how I will work this in to this blog, there may be that a third linked blog will be added, don’t worry you will be able to switch back and forth between blogs, and get to each separately just like a website works.


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